Xstrike is an indoor action-packed entertainment destination in Dubai, where combat simulation meets competitive gaming for players of all ages. Combining the cutting-edge technology of iCombat USA’s laser targeting system with the intensity and gritty realism of live combat, Xstrike offers a completely new way to experience the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of a real-life battlefield.

Xstrike’s state-of-the-art non-projectile equipment brings the battlefield experiences to life, with live noise, weapon recoil, and sound and light effects adding extra realism to the game.

Xstrike facility playing fields feature fully themed environments created with ultra-realistic detail to provide the most immersive experience possible, closely mimicking a Hollywood style movie set.

With the help of proprietary software, customers are rewarded on repeat visits, as they stand to earn various achievements, experience points and higher rankings akin to a video game, except this time – it’s real life.

Xstrike facilities effectively bridge the gap between traditional paintball and laser tag by utilizing the iCombat USA weapon systems and creating a highly immersive experience that truly mimics the thrill and excitement of a real-life combat situation.