Immersive Experiences has a holistic approach and invests in the Entertainment/ Leisure/ Recreation industry that creates broad, cross sector investment opportunities. Our portfolio companies are generally accompanied by franchising throughout the region, creating synergies for all our stakeholders.



Co-founder and Managing Partner

Sultan AlRajhi is co-founder and managing partner at Immersive Experiences - an investment fund formed to launch and operate flagship entertainment and leisure-based concepts within the GCC and broader MENA region.

Born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultan AlRajhi has emerged as an entrepreneur, business owner and shareholder in several companies based in the Gulf region. As a serial investor, Sultan has built an illustrious career allocating needed resources, creating value and ensuring growth in every endeavor he embarks on. By leveraging his multi-industry business acumen, risk affinity and unique skillset, Sultan succeeded, time and again, in identifying distinctive, smart and impactful opportunities, consequently creating a diversified yet complementary investment portfolio.

Sultan’s vision is to invest in innovative and forward-thinking businesses that leave a significant mark on their respective industries while empowering the communities in which they operate, using extensive experience and targeted market knowledge to drive continuous adaptation within today’s evolving business environment, thereby resulting in an elevated investment performance.

Sultan’s investment portfolio spans a wide range of educational, automotive, distribution, fashion, technology, real estate, and entertainment industries, among others.

managing partner

Mohamed is one of the founders of Immersive Experiences. As a Managing Partner, he overlooks all key business activities ranging from concept development to brand creation, operations and project execution including construction.

Not one to stand still for too long, Mohamed has uniquely positioned himself as a trusted serial entrepreneur capable of achieving anything he sets his mind on. Today, he is dedicated to advancing Immersive Experiences, an investment fund formed to launch and operate flagship entertainment-based concepts from around the world. Under his role as Managing Partner, Mohamed is driven by a vision to revitalize the regional entertainment and leisure industry by introducing distinct and innovative experiences that cater to a wide customer base.

Viewing pressing challenges as prime opportunities, Mohamed has built a track record of successfully managing and growing companies within various industries, including digital marketing, international trade, retail, and management consulting, among others. After attending the prestigious King’s College London in the United Kingdom and working nearly a decade in the UAE’s competitive landscape, Mohamed has amassed the business acumen, strong work ethic and immense resourcefulness needed to transform ordinary projects into burgeoning businesses.

Despite multiple achievements over the course of his career, Mohamed still regards his close-knit family and solid relationships with colleagues as his biggest triumphs. That’s not to undermine his business fervor - for anyone who truly understands Mohamed knows that it is only a matter of time (and opportunity) before his infectious energy carries him onto the next big idea.

managing partner

Sameer is one of the founders of Immersive Experiences. As a Managing Partner, he overlooks all key business activities ranging from IP and concept development, to brand creation, franchising and licensing.

Born and raised in the UAE, Sameer spent over a decade in Toronto, Canada after successfully graduating from the prestigious Richard Ivey School of Business and subsequently venturing into Investment Banking where he worked on transactions in the North American Technology industry with over US$3.5 billion in combined value.
Having always had an entrepreneurial flair and a keen eye for innovative entertainment and leisure concepts he deems 'hidden gems', Sameer harnessed his analytical experience and passion for entertainment, to trigger his vision of revolutionising the entertainment industry in the GCC.

Leveraging the reservoir of knowledge gained through launching and franchising award-winning concepts within the entertainment and leisure industry within the GCC and broader MENA region, led Sameer to launch Immersive Experiences in 2017.

Sameer's experience in the entertainment and leisure industry spans a gamut of verticals within the U.A.E. and the broader MENA region; from virtual and augmented reality to trampoline parks, indoor adventure parks, combat simulation, edutainment and water-based adventure parks.

Being not only an adrenaline junkie with his business ventures, Sameer is also an avid mixed martial arts enthusiast in his personal life and follows the UFC religiously.